★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This may have been the best experience we’ve ever had with carpet cleaners. Jason Lindsey of Big West Cleaning called immediately, gave us preliminary estimates when we asked over the phone and then came by to give us an accurate bid. He always wore booties even when entering our home for a bid and he and his crew did the same throughout the process. He brought samples of possible products they could use for my wife to smell as she’s allergic to many things. None of them were a problem. When they did the job, they not only used booties, moved furniture, used corner protectors, put runners under all their hoses, they even repaired grout in the travertine and more. They used multiple dryers. Put sponge pads under all the furniture to protect carpet and furniture until dry. All the crew were very experienced older workers who were exceptionally personable. They answered any questions. The carpet was almost completely dry or fully dry when they finished, not still very wet like we’ve experienced with so many others. Hands down, our best experience. Highly recommended! Price was very competitive. This was a small local business that’s been around for a while, not a chain, fully licensed and insured that obviously takes great pride in doing an exceptional job.
—David Midgley