Carpet Cleaning in St. George

We get the stains, grime and even the smells out of carpet.

Before we cleaned, the carpet was dark and dirty (and smelly).

After we cleaned the carpet, it was bright and clean again.

How Big West Does Carpet Cleaning in St. George

Our feet put a lot of wear and tear on a carpet. Add to that the dirt, dust and other grime that people track on their carpets and you have a mess!

Kids, animals, even the weather can have an effect on the carpets in your home. Whether they are soiled from heavy use or just need a good freshening up, Big West is there to make sure your carpets look better and last longer than they would otherwise.

Special Carpet Cleaning for Pets

Pets especially will do a number on your carpets and rugs. They soil them not only with what they drag in or across the fabric, but also by peeing or marking the area. That smell can be horrendous. We do a special deep cleaning for these situations which includes us removing the carpet so we can clean both sides, cleaning or replacing the foam padding underneath and even cleaning up and disinfecting the subflooring underneath.

Big West Carpet Cleaning has been specializing in this for the last almost 20 years and we still practice both new and tried-and-true carpet cleaning techniques from Ivins to Hurricane.

We Do A Great Job Cleaning Tile Floors,
But Don’t Take Our Word For It.

I have never been more impressed with a carpet cleaner. My carpets are soft and they dried quickly. We have tried lots of other cleaners and I have finally found the one. Thanks Jason.
Anna Shakespeare

Customer, St. George, UT

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